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Have your guests or clients amazed at your next event by our beautifully decorated Claudio's Signature Mixed Sashimi Platter with some of the best hand selected Sashimi Grade Seafood all in one BIG Platter.


800g Salmon Sashimi 

300g Tuna Sashimi 

250g Hiramasa Kingfish Sashimi

6pcs Arctic Surf Clams cleaned

6pc Scallop Sashimi sliced

Small sachets of soy sauce & wasabi

Recommended for 4 - 6 people

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The Sea Urchin Roe comes from MONTAGUE ISLAND, an Island contained within the protected Montague Island Nature Reserve, located offshore from the South Coast region of N.S.W. It sits 9km isolated from the mainland, keeping it's native flora and fauna protected, providing nutrient rich kelp and sea grasses for feeding sea urchin. 

The roe from this region has a unique full creamy ocean and slightly sweet flavour, which will melt away in your mouth that you will definitely enjoy.

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